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Somali Lifeline Organisation (SOLO)

SOLO is a non profit, non governmental organization established in 2008. Its establishment is attributed to a group of professionals who, having worked in the aid and development sector cumulatively for over two decades, felt the urgent need to go back to their communities and help them overcome challenges of development.  From their long experience in development work in the region with various agencies, they felt they are best placed to act as a bridge between the local communities and partners such as UN agencies, International Non-Governmental organizations and other donors.

Through its integrated program design and delivery approach; SOLO works with local communities and structures to mitigate the effects of drought, floods, conflicts, disease outbreaks and gender-based violence.

SOLO focuses on empowering the less privileged and most vulnerable in order to enhance, strengthen and accelerate development through capacity building, training and mentoring of youth, livelihoods and economic diversification, provision of quality education, health and nutrition, improvement of food security initiatives, environmental conservation and promotion of peace and harmony across different groups.

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