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Water & Sanitation

We’ve seen first-hand the negative effects that climate change has brought to East Africa; droughts, rise in temperatures and more extreme weather than ever before have devastated rural villages that reside here. This has made access to clean water elusive, and disease much easier to transmit; both detrimental for life on earth. By providing clean water & robust sanitation procedures, we can prevent the spread of disease, promote healthier lifestyles, and help people live a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

We’ve outlined five goals that will help bring our dream of a more comfortable and fulfilling life for the people of East Africa to fruition:

1. Irrigation

We strive to improve old & construct new irrigation systems, with the goal of providing clean water for people & for farming/livestock. Although rivers are an excellent, existing water source, there are not many systems to transport water inland to neighboring settlements & farms. In partnership with the local communities & experts in the field of irrigation, we will:

+ Identify sustainable ways of utilizing existing irrigation systems

+ Identify areas that are fertile for farming & livestock to sustain generations to come

+ Drill boreholes in areas with no water sources, and/or in semi-arid or arid land, to create reliable clean water sources in areas far away from rivers.

[Boreholes are used throughout the world as a self-sufficient way to access water, especially in areas in danger of drought] Being a proven, reliable source of clean water, these communities could rely on]

2. Public Sanitation

Rural areas have no sewer or sanitation access but with our help, these areas will:

+ Have individual toilets for those who can’t afford them

+ Have public restrooms built in the rural areas where none currently exist

+ Share resources to maintain a clean and safe public environment, especially in more populated settlements and areas

3. Garbage Collection

Training local public works officials on:

+ Affordable, sustainable garbage collection and disposal in public spaces

+ Expose these communities to systems and technology methods used by other regions

4. Research of Sustainable Environment Systems

We work with local communities, local organizations, international organizations, and government to conduct research on environmental changes aiming to provide sustainable environmental education and implementation that will mitigate current factors which negatively impact the environment.

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