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1. General Health

Supporting already existing healthcare facilities in rural areas with healthcare equipment, training for healthcare workers, and improving transportation services for rural communities. The medical donations we receive from the U.S. will be carefully transported to the rural healthcare facilities in the countries that we service through the organization.

2. Maternity Care

We will have set maternity centers in rural areas, equipping them with medical supplies, personnel, training, and transportation for patients. We are bringing newborn healthcare services for families to these communities while supporting the needs of newborn babies and mothers with resources and medical supplies in these rural areas.

3. Training for Healthcare Professionals

We provide scholarships or trainings, where applicable, in rural areas for healthcare professionals or individuals already practicing in these medical areas of specialization. The trainings provided to medical personnel will be specific to those practicing in the rural areas. There are scholarships and incentives for medical personnel to stay in rural areas so that these areas can experience quality medical care.

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