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U.S. Board President

Mohamed Khalid, a founding member of the Nurture All Afric Foundation, has experience in a variety of fields ranging from political campaigns and government relations to non-profits and workforce development. Mohamed, a Somali native, spent time in Kenya’s Hagadera Refugee Camp before settling in New Jersey and Maine. Mohamed graduated from Lewiston High School and The Kent School, a renowned boarding school in Connecticut, where he obtained a diploma, and then went on to the University of Maine at Augusta to earn his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management. Shortly after earning his degree, Mohamed co-founded Community Organizing Alliance (COA), a nonprofit with the mission of increasing civic engagement in historically underrepresented and underprivileged communities. In his spare time, Mohamed—who loves tea—enjoys spending time with his family and friends, participating in sports (such as soccer, basketball and biking) and also supports Arsenal, whom he calls “the greatest team ever.”

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