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U.S. & Kenya Board Member, & Founder

Abdullahi Ali PhD. started his academic career in Nairobi, Kenya getting his Associates Degree in Community Development, and completed another two years’ worth of course work towards a degree in Sociology and Public Administration at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. He was regularly involved in programs and activities of income generation for vulnerable communities, peace education, women’s empowerment, and skills development. He brought his vision of inclusivity and ambition with him when he moved to Maine where Dr. Ali continued his pursuit of higher education by earning his Bachelors Degree in Social Science with a Minor in Economics from the University of Southern Maine, graduating with a Master of Science Degree in Justice Studies with a concentration in Public Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. He now holds a Doctorate in Public Policy from the Muskie School of Public Policy, University of Southern Maine in Portland, ME.

Dr. Ali is also an accomplished community member and leader; he founded and is Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Community Services, Executive Director of the Non-Profit organization wing of Gateway (GCSM), CEO of LAAFYO Property Development, and the founder of the East-African based Non-Profit, Nurture All Afric Foundation.

Born in Somalia and raised in the Kenyan refugee camp, Dadaab, Dr. Ali resettled in Maine as a refugee. Since 2009, he has created programs to address the needs of Mainers of all races across the six most populated counties including populations with mental health needs, BIPOC and Immigrant communities, survivors of torture, youth, and families.

In 2019, Maine Magazine honored Dr. Ali as one of “50 Mainers Creating a Brighter Future for the State”, and in 2020, he received the Metamorphosis Visionary Leadership Award. In 2023, Dr. Ali was chosen as the recipient of the Maine Black Excellence Award: Community Bow and Stern, for Best All Around Excellence in Leadership and Advocacy.

Dr. Ali continues to strive towards the greater good of the communities he lives with through the work that he does in his organizations and the other organizations he is member of their Board of Directors.

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