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Kenya Board Member

Mohamed Keinan Hirrie is a Kenyan citizen aged fifty-eight years old. He has attained his Master’s in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid at Kalu Institute, Humanitarian Aid Studies Centre in Malaga, Spain in the year of 2016/2017. He also has a Master’s in Social Science with Rural Sociology and Community Development cluster from the University of Nairobi in 2005/2006. He attained a Bachelor of Law from the Somali National University- Mogadishu in the year 1984-1988 with many other academic qualifications. Mohamed Keinan Hirrie has acquired more than 15 years of professional expertise and experience in the fields of humanitarian aid and assistance programs in the world’s largest refugee camp settings in Dadaab-North Eastern Kenya, Stabilization and development programs in Somalia, basically involved in Social work inclusive of implementation of livelihood programs in emergency operations, Mobilize social groups, stabilization, team management, monitoring, and evaluation of the viability of the various sectors in both refugee/IDPs and emergency projects including peace-building programs, stabilization, and development programs.

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